11 July 2010

New Informative Testimonial

Here is a new Testimonial which shows the healing power of the methods I apply but more importantly it shows the direct connection between the emotional and physical aspects of discomforts and illnesses.Thank you MK!

"TESTIMONIAL 09-07-2010

I first approached Perizat Hamdy after an exhausting period in my life. Several personal issues had melded with the stress of work to put me in a position of chronic anxiety eventually resulting in rather acute physical symptoms (mainly gastro-oesophageal reflux) and chronic fatigue. In addition I have long suffered from skin conditions which I realised were most likely stress-related. This was accompanied by a real wearing down of my mental state so that I was frequently feeling depressed, and experienced an acute lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. My physical and mental states were eventually just feeding into each other with everything intensifying over time.

It all came to a head when I experienced a major panic attack that brought me to hospital thinking that I was experiencing a heart attack. This particular episode came out of very real physical symptoms but more importantly left me with a long-term health anxiety, whereby to varying degrees, I was obsessed with the idea that something was wrong with me: namely that I had cardiovascular, pulmonary or gastric problems. Visits to specialists in all these fields have confirmed that there is nothing physically wrong with me (apart from mild reflux) and that this is all stress related.

When I initially went to see Perizat I could only describe how I felt as being like a mummy, a half-dead thing with very little sense of enthusiasm for virtually anything and completely lacking energy even for meagre tasks. My shoulders and back felt all scrunched up, so tight with months of tension and stress. My knees were hurting from chronic lack of sleep. All I could do was sleep and shuffle around the house not achieving very much at all each day.

I can say categorically that within the first three sessions, I had made massive progress. My energy had made a remarkable comeback as had my enthusiasm for socialising. I no longer felt as physically tense. At the end of a two week intensive period of daily sessions, we were able to make significant progress, with my physical symptoms almost entirely gone: I no longer felt fatigued, no longer felt tension in my shoulders and back, where I had developed hard ‘lumps’ on my shoulders (tense muscle) this had gone! The very itchy dermatitis covering almost the entire outer calf of my right leg was gone, and my mental state was much more positive and outward looking.

I would have stayed longer except that I needed to leave the country again for work reasons. I have since had the opportunity to have a further set of sessions on another short stay in the country. Whether short-term intensive course or a set of sessions over a longer period of time, I am convinced that Perizat’s methods work.

How effective this is will vary between individuals, but in my case this has been a turning point in the way I approach health of mind and body. I am not in any way suggesting that I am turning my back on the medical profession. Rather, I now feel I have a more constructive basis to deal with my mind and body (the importance of energy), and powerful practical techniques (EFT and Acupressure) to take more control of my life where stress begins to threaten the daily balance.

You quickly see that Perizat’s practice is not only based on many years of experience but also on a personal drive to do the best for her clients. She not only strives to set up a programme tailored to your needs, but also gives you the tools to ensure continuity between sessions and after ending your therapy. Moreover, her sensitivity to her clients’ personal needs and each individual’s therapy process is marked by her kindness and patience as a practitioner as well as a person.

From my personal experience I highly recommend Perizat’s services. I think that whatever you’re suffering from, you are likely to find relief - if not outright ‘cure’ - in working with Perizat and it is well worth investing some time and money in at least trying it out."