11 May 2022


From the reviews on this page.
"Azza M. Eissa recommends The Touch of Healing.
When I started my healing journey with Perizat, I was having a lot of physical issues (shooting pain in the arm and fingers, huge muscle tension in shoulders and neck, eye/face twitches…etc) as well as some emotional traumas. With each and every session, my pains were vanishing, I was fascinated with the results. Also, the EFT sessions were very effective on the emotional level. Overall, a holistic healing experience that is definitely a turning point in my life.
Can’t thank you enough Perizat for your professionalism, dedication and above all your beautiful soul 😊🌹💐"


Sent to me on WhatsApp.
"Parizat is a life savor !!!
I am a cancer survivor and been working with Parizat for 2 years now. We did a lot of EFT and Jin shin jyutsu. She does this amazing combination of both. She helped me overcome a lot of traumas with the EFT and helped me heal using her miraculous Jin shin jyutsu. IT DOES WORK!!!
I worked with various practitioners before but honestly no one had a deep impact on me like Parizat.
I highly highly recommend her.
Not only is she an amazing lady but she takes her work very seriously and will help you become a better version of yourself. She helps you heal from the inside out. Healing your soul is the gate to heal physically ... she thought me that....
I am staying with you for life Parizat and cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me.
Love ,Sara"
Sara K.


Testimonial sent to me by e-mail
"Testimonial. JSJ after Chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment
In May 2020 I had an operation for Parotid cancer. At the end of June I commenced chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 weeks and at the end of the treatment I was extremely weak and exhausted and had no energy at all. My white blood cell counts were very low. For 3 weeks I could only lie on my bed and couch.
I know Peri for many years and had a EFT session with her in 2015 which immediately cured the problem I had then. I also knew of the positive results she achieves with her clients with JSJ.
I was extremely fortunate as she came to Athens just when I needed her. I had 20 JSJ sessions with her which accelerated my recovery and well being. I thank her so much for this as she helped me so much at a very crucial time in my life.
She is positive, caring , extremely conscientious and has a gentle understanding manner.
Peri cares deeply about her patients and does whatever she can to help with the healing process. She is an exceptional professional.
She helped me learn a lot about Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it affects us positively, both body and mind. She also taught me some self help holds, which I practice. I admire her and highly recommend her as with Peri one can only achieve accelerated positive results.
Thank you Peri."
Eleni M.


This testimonial was sent for my therapies to the Athens Newcomers community by Mrs Diane Drymousis , Thank you Di dear.
My son was visiting us and was depressed and having panic attacks. I was desperately trying to find a way to help. He too was desperate to be helped. I called Perizat and she agreed to see him. I didn’t think he’d agree to go, being a huge skeptic but he would have tried anything. He had only a few treatments because he was with us for a short time but did both EFT and JIN SHIN JYUTSU therapies for different reasons. He was so impressed by the difference he felt, even in such a short time, he urged me to see her because at the time I had a number of ‘minor’ health problems – the sum of which made me constantly feel run down and tired and often ill. For a while, each time he came to visit he’d have a few ‘top-up’ sessions until the time came when he felt he no longer needed to.
I already knew Perizat from Newcomers and I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic. She is very experienced and passionate about her work and I soon became a ‘believer’. To this day I don’t understand how it works, but it works! I began regular sessions for a number of health problems and immediately had positive reactions. For my Hashimoto's thyroiditis – after the scan on my annual visit to the Endocrinologist, he asked me what I’d been doing because the goiter had considerably reduced in size. He was most excited to learn that it was due to having Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions and urged me to continue. In addition, she treated my IBD and psoriasis – both of which became less acute. When taking strong antibiotics for diverticulitis attacks her treatment vastly reduced the horrible side effects of the medication and I recall times when I could barely climb the few steps to her home, crawl onto the bed – but, after her ministrations, would hop off the bed and leave the house with a spring in my step. I was devastated when she left Greece. In January 2019 when I was having Chemotherapy I remember writing to her to tell her how I wished she was here to treat me as I knew the acupressure would reduce the side-effects. I can thoroughly recommend her Jin Shin Jyutsu therapy.
My son found EFT to be most helpful with his panic attacks and when I experienced problems with ‘public speaking’ (fundraising for Avlona) with a huge spike in my blood pressure the minute I began to talk and a feeling as if I was going to pass out, I knew I had to get Perizat to sort me out. I was somewhat skeptical – but boy - did it work! After very few sessions (I don’t recall – perhaps four?) I was ‘cured’. Again, I don’t understand how it works – but it works. Try it and see. She’s amazing.
Di Drymoussis"


Shahdan Erfan recommends EFT - Perizat Hamdy.
November 17 at 2:10 PM ·
This is a very effective and powerful form of therapy. I benefitted tremendously and was happy with results. Her healing meathods are well rounded. Thank you!


Amira Shawky Abdelrazek

This is when for the 1st time in my life I experience the 0 level of anxiety!!! It was awesome feeling if you know it 🙂
It helped my finger, in which a complicated surgery took place, to heal easier and much faster.
My whole body experienced Harmony and balance.
I am thankful for the generosity and care I had from Perizat Healing 🙏🏽🙂