17 September 2012

Recommendation sent to the Newcomers Community in Athens

I would like to recommend Perizat Hamdy for Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I started seeing Perizat in the winter with Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments.  After a few treatments I noticed a tremendous difference.  Many of my physical symptoms were abating or went away and my mental well-being was drastically improved.  I felt clearer headed, less stressed, had more energy and had a general feeling of  peace.  Perizat’s kind and gentle spirit gave me the courage to try EFT.  After a few short sessions I felt so much better about episodes in my life that had been eating away at me.  If you are feeling stressed, have health issues or have a painful memory that won’t go away.  I highly encourage you to see Perizat with an open mind &  heart.  Please contact her at:  perizat.hamdy@gmail.com    

Cassie Camacho