05 December 2010

New Testimonial

I firmly believe that when a crisis occurs in one’s life, it is an opportunity for a blessing to be experienced.

The crisis of the pain I experienced and loss of range of movement in my arm allowed me the blessing of experiencing the amazing energy work that Perizat does and the results of her treatments.

I had ten treatments with Perizat both of Jin Shin Jyutsu Intertwined with EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. Both proved to be very effective. My condition improved after the first session and continued thereafter. I am so happy as now my arm is completely pain free, and I am so grateful as well.

I began the treatments feeling desperate and with each treatment felt better and better, not only did the pain lessen and the range of movement improve, but my overall sense of well being was clearly improving. I understood that any energy blocks I had were slowly and steadily flowing freely. I felt a renewed sense of energy on all levels. This was not only evident during the treatments, but after as well to the present time.

My level of clarity, creativity and vitality has also improved.

I had to laugh for the timing of my daughters bowling party. It had been more than 26 years since I had bowled and as I was watching all the fun they were having and thought ok, my arm feels completely normal , let me give it a try. My daughters said mom, “careful your arm”, and I said “ok just once”…. Well needless to say I was having so much fun I had a few turns and to my surprise had absolutely no pain afterwards.

The other lesson I learned from this experience is to take care when lifting and try not to overdo anything. I was carrying much too much in the past and learned to be more careful and mindful now.. My arm had been crying out, saying “enough!” and I had been ignoring it! I learnt that we have to listen when our bodies talk to us..

I highly recommend Perizat for the amazing energy work she is doing and her professional, thorough approach. Not only did I feel confident in her presence, but her great sense of humor and the laughter we shared also added a spice to my healing.

Laura Foti-Liverakos