01 February 2013

You are Energy flowing beings...

This is a very useful and beneficial exercise suggested by Abraham.

"You are Energy flowing beings, and yes, we know you like the experience of the exposure to the physical stuff of this time/space reality. And so, just for the next 30 days, whenever you are in a moment of perceiving, let your dominant intent be to find the thought that feels best. Say to yourself, again and again, 'Today, no matter where I am, no matter where I am going, no matter who I am with, no matter what I am doing, - it is my dominant intent to look for that which I am wanting to see. To look for that which feels good. I'm wanting to find a reason to allow the Energy that creates worlds to flow through me, now. Right now. I'm allowing or disallowing, right now. All of my power is right now. What visions am I using that are allowing the Energy to flow? What visions don't let it flow? What memories are allowing it to flow? What memories are not letting it flow? What conversations, what topics don't let it flow for me, and what topics do let if flow for me? I have this power moment of selective sifting, where if I choose the thought that lets the Energy flow, then all things that I've told the Universe that I want- from my moment of stepping forth into this body - I am now allowing to flow. Oh, what a powerful and important moment this is!" ~ Abraham ( Esther Hicks)