06 December 2011

Testimonial about EFT and the Fear of Flying

I wanted to share the following with you.
A while ago I read a message on Newcomers bulletin about a therapy for fear of flying.
I have been flying all my adult life without any problems but some years ago I had a bad experience during a business trip and since then I had become more and more afraid of flying in the years after. I never stopped using planes but I started to take tranquilizers and lots of alcohol. I started to stress out even before the flight. It did not matter if it was a 40min domestic flight in Greece or long distance. I did a very expensive course for fear of flying in Holland some years ago organized by one of the airlines. It did not help me much.
When I read about EFT on Newcomers bulletin I was very sceptical. But because I am pregnant and therefore cannot use drugs or alcohol I needed to do something, I still need to use planes. Perizat Hamdy uses a kind of tapping technique to cure fear and phobias. There is no medication involved or hypnosis. In sessions of 90 min. Perizat analyzes the fear whilst tapping on energy points in the body (I hope I explain this correctly) More info on the actual treatment can be found on her webpage but I just wanted to share that it really did work.
I flew to Holland and back last month and the experience was great. no more stress or fear or scary thoughts. my husband, daughter and myself were all relaxed and I even made pictures again from the window !! Perizat is a very pleasant person to work with and makes you feel very comfortable.

Celeste Tat