26 April 2011


"When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present....we experience heaven on earth" Sarah Breathnach

Spinal, lower back and knee problems

I went to Perizat with a terrible pain in my lower back and my knees. I had to wear a large belt to assist me in keeping straight and to have less pain. I am 75 years old and have several damaged vertebrae in various places in my spine and neck. Medical doctors could not help me nor did physiotherapy, so I thought of giving alternative therapy a chance. My cousin goes to Perizat for various problems and as she told me of her great improvement after very few sessions I was convinced I should give it a go even though I was a nonbeliever. Well I am now a believer! My back does not hurt anymore; I can stand straight and can go up and down the stairs pain free without holding onto the rails. I feel I have regained flexibility all over my body and I am in a much better mood. I am now doing therapy for various other organ problems and I see the improvement there already. I thought that due to my age I will keep on getting worse. I was even thinking it was time to get a cane. But it is obviously not the case. I healed even at that age. I am very pleased because this gives me a whole new way of life that I thought I had lost forever. I go for long walks, I am not afraid of stairs anymore, I go on trips as I can now stay in the car for long hours without my lower back hurting. I can help my wife at home and I go out with my friends much more often. Perizat gave me homework and congratulated me for applying it regularly as she said it contributed a great deal to my healing. I still do those for maintenance. They are easy and do not require any physical effort. So whether young or old, don't give up hope. This therapy does work!
I recommend Perizat whole heartedly and thank her for her kindness and compassion.