25 October 2010

Testimonial from Marina

I was fortunate enough to meet Perizat during an excessively stressful period of my life which involved a lot of negative energy, foul mood and heavy insomnia. Perizat’s treatment helped substantially remedy all this, and I soon managed to recover, not just my sleep, but also my positive attitude towards all facets of my life.

thank you very much Peroula for everything!!!!!!!!!

Marina Giftoula

07 October 2010

Testimonial September 2010

I would like to send my thanks and recommend highly the work of Perizat Hamdy. She is a very experienced Energy Healing Therapist, she specializes in Jin Shin Jyutsu (Acupuncture without needles), EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Pranic Healing and Quantum Touch.

We are very fortunate to have such a wise, wonderful lady working among us. She has greatly relieved me from the anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobia that I had been suffering from recently, which also had affected my appetite and had made me very depressed.
Over a very short period of intense sessions she was able to calm my system, relieve the anxiety and help me start to deal with the issues that led up to this build up of tension. And more recently she has also helped relieve pain that I recently had from a trapped nerve in my back.
Not only has she helped me with my list of ailments she has guided and taught me her methods so that I can continue to heal myself and live a happier fuller life. I believe that these therapies are something that we can all benefit from.
Thanks to Perizat I am able to move forward and get back to taking care of my family.

Please feel free to contact me through Perizat if you have any further questions.

Warmest wishes and good health
Julia Carter