12 December 2012

Water has memory

This is a very interesting video:


05 December 2012

The Emergence of Energy Therapy into the Mainstream

The Emergence of Energy Therapy into the Mainstream
DECEMBER 3, 2012 BY 
Energy Psychology has not yet reached the point where it is generally accepted by the mainstream population. However, as research-based science continues to find evidence of an energy field in people, we are moving closer to widespread acceptance.
It is with that in mind that we wanted to bring your attention to an article in Parabola that explores the relationship between Western science and the Eastern study of energy therapy: http://www.parabola.org/energy-therapy.html.

09 November 2012

Surefire Stress Relief: Breathing Through Your Heart

Surefire Stress Relief: Breathing Through Your Heart

Our research at HeartMath has shown that Heart-Focused Breathing© can help people quickly reduce stress – and in this day and age, that’s the only way most people are willing to try. This technique may be used in everyday stress, anger, anxiety and emotional overload or in times of acute crisis, where it’s especially helpful. It works because the exercise helps you change stress-producing attitudes and reset your stress set point. You are actually changing your heart rhythm pattern and calming your autonomic nervous system. By focusing on your heart, you’re taking energy away from the undesirable emotions. You generate a positive attitude or feeling which starts to shift the signal the heart sends the brain so the brain response is different. It changes your physiology to move into heart-brain coherence and alignment.
So if you find yourself feeling angry, mildly depressed, anxious or otherwise stressed, try this easy, free and quick technique for yourself to refuel your system:
Shift your attention to the area of your heart. Imagine your breath passing in and out through your heart area or the center of your chest as you slowlygraph inhale and exhale. Breathe in an attitude of calm and balance as if you were taking in an emotional tonic that takes off the rough edges. You can also try breathing in a feeling of gratitude or compassion – or whatever attitude you find most soothing. As you shift into the positive feeling, notice when you feel the release. You will likely feel genuine appreciation or compassion and the former uncomfortable physical sensations replaced by comforting, relaxed ones.
This exercise can be done in a quiet place or while walking, jogging, or – once you get familiar with it – even participating in a conversation.
I use this technique whenever I notice I am stressed to reboot my inner computer. Then I come back into balance and have more clarity about my next steps.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/surefire-stress-relief-breathing-through-your-heart.html#ixzz2Biid9Lm5

15 October 2012

Pain And Nausea In Cancer Patients Reduced By Touch Therapy

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Just one session of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient form of touch therapy similar to acupuncture in philosophy achieved a considerable improvement in side effects of cancer treatment. 

Jennifer Bradley, a Jin Shin Jyutsu integrative practitioner from the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center presented the new study at the 2012 Markey Cancer Center Research Day. 

The study involved 159 current cancerpatients, who were asked to assess their pain symptoms, nausea and stress before and after each Jin Shin Jyutsu session by using a scale from 0 to 10, with zero being defined as no symptoms. 

The team discovered that from the first session of Jin Shin Jyutsu onwards, each session demonstrated that patients felt a considerable improvement in pain, stress, and nausea, with the average decrease on the scale being 3 points for stress and 2 points for both nausea and pain. 

Bradley declared:

"I was pleased to see quantitatively the improvements that patients noted in these primary areas of discomfort. It was interesting to note that regardless of age, sex or diagnosis, cancer patients received a statistically significant improvement in the side effects from treatment. It is encouraging to note that Jin Shin Jyutsu made improvements in these areas without adding additional unwanted effects that so often occur with medication interventions."

Jin Shin Jyutsu is considered part of an integrative treatment plan available at the UK Markey Cancer Center and is offered free of charge to all cancer patients, and even though patients can refer themselves for the sessions, half are referred by the patients' physician or Markey staff.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu session consists of patients being lightly touched on 52 specific energetic points (Safety Energy Locks) as well as on their fingers, toes, and midpoints on their upper arm, their upper calf and lower leg. The touches are predetermined in a specific order, known as "flows", and patients remain fully clothed for the sessions apart from their shoes. 

The sessions were performed in various locations, i.e. in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment Room, the Chemotherapy Outpatient Clinic, or in the patient's hospital room, although the researchers note that the greatest overall improvements were observed in those held at the Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment Room. They note that sessions in the treatment room generally lasted longer than the other sessions. 

The study had several limitations, such as not including controls for several parameters, like the time between sessions, location and duration of the sessions. Bradley and her team are planning to control more of these variables in a future study. They want to access patients' medical records over the time of their participation in order to assess changes, such as patients' medication usage for cancer and symptom management of pain, stress and nausea.

Bradley concludes:

"The American Cancer Society has noted that quality of life is an issue for all cancer patients; those undergoing treatment, late stage patients, and cancer survivors. There is a need for additional research to develop evidence-based interventions that have a positive impact on the quality of life for all of these individuals without adding to their burden. From what I have seen in my office and the results shown in the study, I believe that Jin Shin Jyutsu has great promise in this area."

Written by Petra Rattue 
Copyright: Medical News Today 
Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today 

17 September 2012

Recommendation sent to the Newcomers Community in Athens

I would like to recommend Perizat Hamdy for Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I started seeing Perizat in the winter with Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments.  After a few treatments I noticed a tremendous difference.  Many of my physical symptoms were abating or went away and my mental well-being was drastically improved.  I felt clearer headed, less stressed, had more energy and had a general feeling of  peace.  Perizat’s kind and gentle spirit gave me the courage to try EFT.  After a few short sessions I felt so much better about episodes in my life that had been eating away at me.  If you are feeling stressed, have health issues or have a painful memory that won’t go away.  I highly encourage you to see Perizat with an open mind &  heart.  Please contact her at:  perizat.hamdy@gmail.com    

Cassie Camacho

02 April 2012

A new Testimonial sent to the Newcomers Community.

April 2nd 1012


I would just like to recommend Perizat Hamdy to anyone who needs some help – (either or both) mentally and physically. When I went to see Perizat at the end of last year I was feeling very down - suffering from depression, lack of confidence + self-esteem, having regular panic attacks. I was also suffering pains on my left side, in my foot, knee and lower back.

In the past I have seen various practitioners but never had Jin Shin Jyutsu. Perizat listened to me and helped me so much with Jin Shin, self-help, advice on books to read + a taster of EFT.

I found each session of Jin Shin to be revitalising, it helped sort out my aches and pains and gave me energy. Perizat boosted my self-worth; she told me I was a jewel - I would say she is a real treasure!

Knowing I wouldn't be in Greece for very long Perizat managed to accommodate me for appointments 2 or 3 times a week.

She also encouraged me to stop comparing myself with others, to carry on with Jin Shin in the UK and to try out EFT and meditation.

I now look forward to my future!

Best wishes to you all!

Sue Walton

20 January 2012

Testimonial about my work with Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT;Friday, January 20, 2012

I first approached Perizat Hamdy after reading one of her bulletins concerning her successful treatment of :
"....depression, stress, worry, fears and all the related symptoms such as: panic, feelings of helplessness of hopelessness, insomnia, chest pain and palpitations, forgetfulness, lack of initiative, negativity, despair, guilt, anger, constant fatigue, constant fear, can’t take decisions, can’t enjoy anything, nightmares or too many dreams, night sweats, mental confusion, etc… "

Reading the list was like reading all the symptoms that my son was suffering from at the time. After a long, reassuring chat with her I decided that I must persuade him to speak to her the next time he came over to Greece. In fact he was feeling so desperate he needed no persuading! Within the first three sessions he made incredible progress. His energy had returned, and his tension had almost disappeared. After two weeks of daily sessions he was a changed person! He had another further set of sessions a few months later. So convinced was he that Perizat's methods work that he suggested I "try her out".

OK - I'm middle-aged and, at the wrong side of 65 yrs, I don't have the energy I once had, plus I take it as normal to have aches and pains from time to time. I have a number of common chronic conditions which I don't consider life-threatening but taken together, can physically drag me down from time to time - eg: high blood pressure, underactive thyroid, diverticular disease and other intestinal problems, reflux, gall bladder, and other digestive problems... overweight, tiredness, aching joints (the list goes on...).

I too am convinced that Jin Shin Jyutsu works. The results were not as dramatically fast as my son's but they are evident. Six months in, my thyroid doctor wanted to know what I was doing that I had not been doing before because the "nodule" in my neck had reduced in size. My medication has now been reduced twice. Since I began regular sessions in September 2010, incidences of "the runs" seem to have stopped altogether, and many of the aches and pains that I had, have disappeared. The faciitis in my foot has not quite gone yet but neither is it so excruitiatingly painful as it once was.

Not only does Jin Shin Jyutsu work, but so does EFT.
I didn't think I'd ever need EFT. However, in mid-summer 2011 I experienced a very high blood pressure surge brought on by extreme heat, anxiety and my own stupid fault (I ran to get something - I - who no longer run!!) and then tried, completely breathless, to do a 2 minute speech. I thought my head would explode. To cut a long story short, getting back to normal took about 10 days. I didn't think anything about it until I was asked to do a short presentation in September. I thought I was fine - until I began speaking and then I experienced a less serious, but similar surge. I thought I could never do this again.
What to do? A week before I'd been asked to give a brief speech I asked Perizat to do EFT with me. After three sessions I felt relaxed and confident. The speech went off without a hitch - it was as if I'd never had a problem in the first place.

To quote my son, you quickly see that Perizat’s practice is not only based on many years of experience but also on a personal drive to do the best for her clients. She not only strives to set up a programme tailored to your needs, but also gives you the tools to ensure continuity between sessions and after ending your therapy. Moreover, her sensitivity to her clients’ personal needs and each individual’s therapy process is marked by her kindness, patience and humour - as a practitioner as well as a person. I think that whatever you’re suffering from, you are likely to find relief - if not outright ‘cure’.
Try it at least. I highly recommend Perizat.

Di Drymoussis