04 September 2011

Overcoming Fear of Flying with EFT

(Translated from Greek)

I am speechless. I could not bring myself to believe it until I tried it. I was sent by my psychoanalyst to Perizat for my fear of flying, since I had an important interview in the UK and was really anxious about the prospect of flying. She told me that Perizat uses a technique which acts very fast with releasing trauma and phobias. I had not flown since 1987 and even then I had to have medication and have scotch on the plane. Even thinking about flying would provoke anxiety that would make me sweat all over and start chain smoking. All it took is one session, 90 minutes of EFT and my fear was gone. Actually it was gone much faster, we worked a lot on my not believing it was possible and on the fear of my thinking process provoking my emotions to panic again. I was calm all through. We tried with Perizat to provoke the fear back, in many ways. I felt nothing, I had no problem visualizing being in the closed plane nor of being up in the air, not taking off,nor landing whatsoever!
However I could not believe it entirely; the test would be when I was actually on the plane. I flew to London and back with really nothing but amazement and thrill at my newly found freedom! It was like when I was young and could travel all over with no worry. I can now travel with my husband and enjoy something that I always loved but could not bring myself to do.

If anyone has such a phobia, I recommend you go to Perizat for EFT. She is very humane, has a lot of humor and deep a understanding of what she does.

Vasso D.

02 September 2011

Cultivation Positive Thoughts and Feelings

" Our emotions have a direct effect on our bodies. Every time we feel an emotion, our endocrine system excretes certain hormones or peptides, which flow through our blood stream to all of our cells exciting them with the hormones associated with this emotion. The hormonal state created by negative emotions creates and imbalance in our nervous, endocrine, and immune system as well. Subsequently, we are much more susceptible to illness and discomfort. Medical studies at the institute of HeartMath in California have shown that five minutes of anger or frustration can weaken aspects of the immune system for up to five hours, whereas five minutes of love or gratitude can strengthen the immune system for five hours.
Other studies have shown that we become chemically addicted to the hormonal excretions produced by certain emotions. We tend to subconsciously seek ways to recreate those feelings and their respective hormonal doses. We actually become chemically addicted - just like to any other addictive substance- to feeling fear, anger, hurt, bitterness, hate or guilt, attracting and creating situations in which we can once again experience those familiar emotions. This leads to a vicious circle of recreating negative emotional states that reinforce our false beliefs that we are in danger, that we are victims or are unworthy. As a consequence, our health, relationships, work and happiness deteriorate. " Robert E. Najemy - "Remaining strong Healthy and Happy in Crisis"