15 October 2013

New Testimonial for Jin Shin Jyutsu


Alex Sid
A few months ago I was moving home, my wife was 8 months pregnant, work was piling up like never before and my stress level was at a whole new level. I was completely drained but had to push on. 

I met Perizat offered me a coupe of Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions to help regain my balance and energy. 

After the first session I went home in the afternoon and slept better than I had slept in weeks. 
After the second session, I couldn't remember how stressed I was before. 

The 2 sessions package had to continue as it was working so well and I wanted to prepare for the coming months when I was to experience fatherhood for the first time.
After the 5th session, we hugged and said farewell.

A couple of days later I was in my living room and had a very strange sensation. I couldn't work out what it was until I realized I could smell soap fragrance on my hands. My sense of smell has always been very weak to inexistent. Somehow JSJ had opened up my nose that seemed to have been 'blocked' since I was a kid. Since then I have been able to smell things that were just not there for me before i.e. orange juice 1 meter away, a flower, cinnamon sticks, natural body aroma and even the smell of pine trees in the air. Before that everything was just a flat 'smelling-field'.

Perizat is a pleasure to work with and a source of positiveness. Would recommend her to all my close friends and family when help is needed.
Thank you again for your help. 

Testimonial for EFT and Trauma related physical pain.


Testimonial about EFT and Physical Pain:
"I suffered a very bad broken ankle upon my arrival in Greece which required pins in order to heal correctly two years ago. There was unfortunately a lot of emotional strain linked to the accident and Perizat helped me get over the physical pain I had been experiencing for two full years in one session of EFT combined with a few sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu! I really did not think that such pain could go away so quickly as I had almost just accepted that I would have the pain all my life! I highly recommend Perizat's EFT and Jhin Shin Jyutsu sessions (as well as her meditation sessions)! If you would like to discuss the sessions with me please ask Perizat for my email/phone number.