05 March 2015

Testimonial for EFT

"A close friend of mine was terminally ill and was suffering as she was in pain constantly, especially the last three weeks of her life when she was in hospital. As she had no family in Greece I visited her daily and felt very helpless as I could not do anything to ease her pain. She was a good kind person and it seemed so unfair to me that she should suffer so much.
After she passed away I had constant nightmares and would wake up every morning at 5.30 with ugly images of her last days..As I also had to arrange the funeral I was also stressed about this too as it took some days after many phone calls and paperwork to arrange the funeral as she was from Austria and because I was not family.
My thoughts were in a constant turmoil and I could not relax. I mentioned this to Perizat and she suggested that I do a session of EFT (tapping). I did not know what to expect from EFT and could not imagine that after one session these horrific visions would fade from my memory and that I would feel calm at peace at the end of the session. After that day I had no more nightmares and no longer woke up at 5,30 in the morning. Perizat made me verbalize each ugly thought or image that bothered me and which I could not comprehend whilst tapping and after a few minutes these images and thoughts faded. I could not believe it. Such a change in such a short space of time !I felt truly relaxed and that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I am fine now and feel that my friend is resting at last.
I strongly recommend EFT to everyone with any problem large or small and I feel that the sooner one does this the better it is as then the problem does not become chronic and a part of your life ( which is so unnecessary)
Perizat has a gentle understanding manner and puts you at ease whilst helping you so much .Thank you Perizat !
Eleni Microutsico"

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Marijke Smiet-B√ľnker Hear hear, Perizat Hamdy and EFT helped me in 3 sessions to refocus, sleep and come to terms with a huge loss that I had been fighting against for 5 years.

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